Monday, 1 August 2011

City of tiny lights

In my last blog, I quoted a former European Commisioner with responsibility for the environment, who said that the worst enemies of the bicycle in the urban environment are not cars, but longheld prejudices. The handbook in which those words were written was aimed at elected representatives and traffic engineers. But prejudices against cyclists run deep, and these are further exacerbated by an environment which routinely brings the cyclist and the motorist into conflict with each other.

The green car should not have pulled out. Was the cyclist signalling his intention? Looked as [though] the green car thought he was going left, not straight on. As a motorist it is difficult to tell, [particularly] when these mountain bikers [?] are so focused on speed not safety. I bet he will pay more attention to safety equipment and signalling in future.

Most cyclists I see just expect everyone will obey the rules of the road, which will never happen.

Gotta love how you didn't stop at all... just proceeded through the intersections like the laws don't apply to you.......... you deserved this.


I blame you, andyb0000, for your own accident. You should know people in cars are blind to cyclists, and you should of [sic] slowed down until you know he has slowed down or stopped.

In my opinion, he was riding too fast for the conditions and had not made allowances for the car driver not registering how fast he was travelling. My vehicle is 11 feet high, 8 feet wide and painted bright yellow. After a crash a few years ago, the car driver said... sorry mate, didn't see you. What hope do cyclists have? The car will win any crash!

What a dumbass on the bike. Should have seen that coming a mile away. I never assume I can be seen. Car was moving slow too. Could have easily veered.

Classic cyclist error. The driver didn't see him. It was obvious, but he didn't slow up / ride defensively. An audible warning (horn) would have helped. This is basic stuff. You learn to get a motorcycle license but any half-wit can put a bicycle on the road. Yes, he had [the] right of way, but it's no consolation if your [sic] injured or worse. Riding like that, he's going to end up on his face every time he meets a bad driver - or a good one who makes a mistake. Riding in London ... I don't like his odds!

Looks like you turned towards the car.

Was you wearing highly visible cycle clothing???? 'Cos I see stupid cyclists everyday wearing there [sic] own cloths [sic], like black T-shirts, etc. It's no wonder they get hit!

Aren't you ment [sic] to go a spead [sic] that you can stop, because you were going to [sic] fast

Fucking idiot rides into the middle of the road, in traffic. He got what was coming to him.

Ahahahaahahhaahahha buy a car and pay road tax if you want to be recognised on the road, you self richeous [sic] eco-twat.

Your [sic] not wearing high-visibility clothing; your [sic] wearing a red top and, as the cctv confirms, approached that roundabout to [sic] fast. Yes I agree the car is at fault, but as a cyclist on the road you need to expect the unexpected - not presume! You have learned a lesson the hard way, my friend. 

Guess what, assclown, there are speed limits for bikes inside city limits and riders are required to maintain a safe practice while riding. IF the rider had paid attention he could have avoided the car easily, but since he's a self-involved asshole he kept going. Serves him right. I just wish it had been a bigger car.

There were lots and lots of comments about this, and to be fair, the overwhelming majority were sympathetic. But one thing I am pretty sure about: if the cyclist had been travelling at the same speed in a car, then many of the people who commented above would be up his arse, telling him to 'get a fucking move on'.